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GPA Calculator

The following Grade Point Average (GPA) calculators are for unofficial use only, and are only intended to be a guide to estimate future or target GPAs.

We use the grade, quality points, and hours attempted to calculate the GPA. Quality Points are counted as follows:
A = 4
B = 3
C = 2
D = 1
Other (including F, W) = 0

This GPA calculator can be used to determine your overall cumulative GPA.

Enter the credit hours and anticipated grade for each of the classes in your current term. You can optionally enter your current Cumulative GPA and Hours Attempted for GPA if you would like to calculate the overall cumulative GPA. Then click the "Calculate My GPA" button to determine your Cumulative GPA information.

Repeated Courses:
If any class in the term is a repeat of a class in which a previous grade was earned, click the "Repeat Attempt?" box and enter the credit hours and grade from the last attempt at that class. For current students, this can be found on your transcript. For eligible classes, only the last attempt is included in the cumulative GPA.
Courses Taking Now (or Planned)
Course Credit Hours Anticipated Grade Repeat Attempt? Last Attempt Hours Last Attempt Grade
Class 1
Class 2
Class 3
Class 4
Class 5
Class 6
Class 7
Class 8
Class 9
Class 10

Current Cumulative GPA:
Hours Attempted for GPA:
* If you are a student, please login to have your GPA information populated for you.

Estimated Term GPA:  

Total Quality Points:  
Total Hours Attempted:  

Estimated Cumulative GPA
This GPA calculator is used to determine what GPA you need to achieve from your additional credit hours to raise your current GPA to your target GPA.

Enter your current GPA and hours attempted (will be auto-populated if logged on), and then your target GPA and additional credit hours being attempted. Then click the "Calculate" button to determine if it is possible and, if so, what GPA you require.

Repeated Courses:
This calculator assumes no repeat attempts of courses. You may be better able to achieve a target GPA if you repeated any failed or withdrawn courses, or those in which you earned a "D" grade. For eligible courses, only the last attempt is included in the GPA. To take course repeats into consideration, please use the Cumulative GPA calculator.
Target GPA Information
Current GPA:
Hours Attempted for GPA:
* If you are a student, please login to have your GPA information populated for you.
Target GPA:
Additional Credit Hours:

Additional Credit Hours Attempted:  

GPA Required from these Credit Hours

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