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WARNING: These secure screens use special security functions. For this reason, please have a pencil handy to write down your information as you may not be able to print them.

You will find that many of the same screens also have the browser back button disabled. On these screens you will need to navigate by using our menu bar.

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Your username is your student ID (or your Social Security number).
  • Use NO spaces or dashes with your ID (or your Social Security number).
  • Example: Student ID: A10000202 SSN: 101000001
  • Your default PIN is the MM/YY of your birth.
  • Example: February 6, 1991 is 0291.
Select this link to reset your PIN to the default above. If you are still having issues, please contact us at 863-297-1000 and ask to reset your PASSPORT PIN.

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