This function will allow you to reset your PIN. Once you have reset your PIN, you will be able to logon the system normally and set a PIN of your own choice.
  1. Enter your Student ID
  2. Enter your birthday in the following format: YYYYMMDD
    For example, if your birthday is December 18, 1950, you would enter 19501218.
  3. If successful, you will be asked to answer a question which you have previously setup and answered.
  4. On the successful completion of step 3, your PIN will be reset to the default.
  5. Logon to the system immediately, go to "Profile" and select "Change PIN" and change the PIN to one of your own choice.
Note: You must have setup a question/answer pair before you use this function for the first time !

Change Reset PIN Question

Please enter your StudentID and your Date of Birth
Student ID:
Date of Birth: (yyyymmdd)

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